5 Video Games That Real Estate Investors Will Love

Robert Tweed

There are games out there that cater to every crowd. There are even games that seem specifically tailored to real estate investors. Below are five of the games that real estate investors might enjoy.

Second Life

While it’s not quite as popular as it was during its heyday, Second Life remains one of the few games that will allow real estate investors to use their real-world skills to make real money. This virtual world features its own currency, the Linden, which can be exchanged for real money. Finding a property, making it over and selling it at a profit is one of the best ways to make real cash and it can be a perfect way for an investor to hone his or her own skills when not out in the real marketplace.

The game’s economy may not be as robust as it once was, but it’s still possible to become a virtual Robert Tweed in the game. While the goal of many virtual investors is to make millions of dollars, most find that doing so requires a huge time commitment. If you’re just looking for a bit of fun, you can still make money by doing a few transactions here and there.

House Flip

House flipping is a time-honored profession, one that is becoming en vogue again as the economy continues to improve. Real estate investors who spend a great deal of time flipping homes know that the real process can be quite difficult – but that doesn’t mean that the theories behind flipping can’t be fun. That’s where House Flip comes in, allowing investors a chance to flip homes in mere moments without having to worry about all the issues that pop up in reality.

While House Flip is a very simple game, it does capture some of the intensity that’s necessary when flipping homes. Investors who’d like to spend more time improving the properties for a good sale and less time standing in line at permit offices might enjoy a chance to play this simplified version of the game.

Cities: Skylines

Many people who have an interest in real estate probably started with SimCity. While the traditional game of city building is still out there, many newer games have built upon that foundation to create much more realistic simulations. One of these games is Cities: Skylines, a game that can help you learn a great deal more about how property values change and grow as a city evolves.

Investors who deal with properties in areas that are growing or dying can definitely feel at home in this game. Watching how residential areas change in reaction to nearby development echoes what happens in the real world. While what happens in the game is definitely on a macro level, it’s still a good way to interact with the systems that tend to be so important in the world of real estate.

Fable 2

A fantastic game for those who want to learn the absolute basics of real estate, this game is a good fit for younger players who want to follow in the footsteps of Robert Tweed and build up their own portfolios. While Fable 2 is a game that mostly concerns magic and combat, it’s also a game with an incredibly robust economy. One of the best ways to make money in the game is to invest in real estate, and how you treat your properties will play a huge role in how you make money.

The game offers players a chance to invest in their properties and see them improve over time, or to play the market quickly and cheaply in order to make one-time profits. It’s a great look at the real estate market, in a nutshell, one that definitely deserves more attention than it typically gets.

Grand Theft Auto V

Yes, this hyper-violent game has a real estate component. The online version of the game features many ways to make money, but the ultimate goal is always to move up the property ladder. While a real investor’s life probably doesn’t involve daring capers and bloody crimes, he or she might like to let loose in a game that rewards him or her with fantastic properties best gained through shrewd investments. It’s not the most family-friendly game in the world, but it can be a good way to relax after a long day of fighting real-life property battles.

The games above are just a small sample of the games that now incorporate the lessons learned in the property market. Whether investors want to hone their skills, learn more about the market or just have fun with a virtual version of their day jobs, there are games out there for them. Sometimes, the best way to relax after a hard day of playing the real estate game is to jump into a game of a different sort.

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