How to Turn Your Video Game Obsession Into a Thriving Full Time Paying Career
Chrissy Weems
Many men and women have been sucked into the wonderful world of gaming. However, it seems like the common impression is video games and earning money do not exactly fit together. In fact, some people would think that people who are obsessed with video games are lazy couch potatoes with built-in snack containers in their waists and heads.

Things are slowly starting to change, according to online entrepreneur Chrissy Weems. With the rise of gaming blogs, Youtube stars like Pewdiepie, and gaming tournaments, there are gamers who actually make money through playing. Earning through playing–sounds good, right?

If you aren’t convinced yet, here are some benefits of exploring the possibilities of being a gamer-entrepreneur:

1. Flexibility

Since it is not a fixed job, you can work for as much or as little as you want. It goes with saying that you can scale your business in whatever size you want, depending on the work you want to put into it. Your schedule will also be flexible, meaning that if there are days you couldn’t put time into it, then there is really nothing to worry about.

2. Doing what you love

This is what lures employees into being entrepreneurs. If your whole soul and body scream for video games, then why not turn it into something you can make money out of? Being a gamer/entrepreneur gives you the chance to earn money while having fun playing your favorite games.

3. The business is growing, ride with the growth

Another benefit of the gaming industry is its continuous growth. It seems like every year, there is a new gaming craze that people should be aware of, or a new console being developed. So there are a lot of opportunities available for you as a gamer.

Did this catch your interest now? If it did, read on to find out 5 Ways to Turn Your Video Game Obsession Into a Thriving Full Time Paying Career.

5 Ways to Turn Your Video Game Obsession Into a Thriving Full Time Paying Career

1. Starting a Walk-through Video Game Channel

Think about what you usually look for as a gamer online. Usually, gamers would look for FAQs and walk-throughs that will help them beat the game. Others would want to see the gaming interface before purchasing a game, and a walk-through would really help them find that out. Starting out a walk-through video game channel is simple. You play your games on a recorded screen and give commentaries and tips as you play the game along the way. It helps to have some form of personality and good gaming skills of course. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme though. You need to have a large amount of audience before having a good income in this kind of business model.

2. Joining competitions

Some games hold tournaments that give away cash prizes to winners. If you are a top gamer, you can regularly join these contests and have a good income. Some of the prizes can be up to $ 500-1000 per tournament or even more, so be on the lookout for these gaming contests. Aside from that, you can gain recognition on the gaming community which will allow you to create other avenues for earning income.

3. Starting a gaming reviews blog

Another way to make money is through starting a gaming reviews blog. It was mentioned earlier that gamers would look for walk-throughs to see if they can enjoy the gaming interface. A lot of gamers would look into online written reviews of newly released games, consoles and even other merchandise. Starting a blog about it can bring you income through affiliate sales, ads and sponsored posts.

4. Joining a gaming company

If you’re a video-game fan and a tech course graduate, you can definitely apply to gaming companies who hire game testers, developers, and designers. This will not only help you build the confidence to be good at playing games, you can go behind the scenes and be a part of creating games. Chrissy Weems says, “You can look for these game related jobs in online classifieds such as Indeed, Glassdoor or Ziprecruiter,”.

5. Create your own games

If you have the skill set and a smart marketing strategy, you can actually create games on your own! If you have an idea for a casual game such as those that can be available in the Apple Store or Google Play, then you can start coding and test your game idea. Paid games can bring in a lot of profit as people are constantly looking for ways to be entertained. You can also bring in revenue by offering the games for free and placing ads or upgrades within the game.

The gaming industry is in its growing stages, and it has no signs of stopping. As somebody who has a passion for video games, it is up to you which path you take in this niche. The possibilities are literally endless.

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