John Pryor VRVirtual reality, although not a fully released product as of this writing, is predicted to far exceed its expectations. The gaming visual headset is also said to be used for more than just to play games, according to reports, and will also be used as an educational device.

John Pryor, rugby athlete and strength training coach, has had his eyes on the virtual reality technology and has been closely following the development of the product for quite some time. His hopes concerning the device is that it will be used to further train himself and his team in rugby.

“Sometimes it can be a hassle getting the whole team together. Maybe some can’t leave the house to meet up for practice, car trouble or any other reason forcing the rest of the team to have practice without them. I’m hoping VR will make it easier to bring everyone together.”


There are a number of locations that are known primarily for gaming, and these places tend to attract both veteran and beginning enthusiasts alike. When done appropriately, this age-old pursuit is quite a bit of fun and can be enjoyed even if there is no financial gain. While this may be the case, many first-timers — and even veterans — can sustain losses that make for a more stressful experience rather than a recreational one. Similar to the manner in which Plumbers Phoenix provide consistently outstanding results by following an established set of best practices, travelers heading to these kinds of destinations can follow a few simple guidelines to avoid any unintended consequences.

Adhere to a Budget and Include a Contingency Plan

Everyone sets a limit before they depart on their vacation, yet so many fail to adhere to that budget once they get caught up in the fun of gaming. Part of the reason for this is that many inexperienced individuals set a limit on their losses but do not set a similar goal for their winnings. With regard to the latter, it is essential to have a number in mind after which at least 80 percent of the earnings are set aside with the remaining 20 percent used to continue playing. Adopting this strategy helps to ensure vacationers are able to continue enjoying their experience while also ensuring that they take home a sizable portion of their earnings.

Stick to What You Know

Most games are nuanced and require a deep level of understanding in order to enjoy a successful experience. With only a general understanding of the rules of a specific game, it becomes far more likely that the results will not favor the vacationer. Before departing for the vacation, first-timers should practice a great deal and sharpen their skills to ensure the best possible experience once they arrive.

Always Act Responsibly

The most common mistake made by game players relates to the consumption of intoxicants that reduce inhibitions and have an adverse impact on the ability to thoughtfully consider a strategic approach. If someone follows only one rule during a gaming vacation, it should be one that keeps gaming separate from these kinds of activities.

In what continues to be both a fascinating and frustrating turn of events, the daily fantasy sports games offered by several high-profile gaming companies is now being asked by the Attorney General of New York to pay restitution for the money the companies earned from players residing in the state of New York. This came shortly after the same Attorney General was charged with the decision to determine whether or not the daily fantasy games should be considered a form of illegal gaming, revealing a seeming conflict of interest due to the fact that the state is now seeking a sum of $5,000 in damages for each individual violation in addition to the restitution it has requested on behalf of players.

While many would assume that those who lost money playing daily fantasy games would be happy with a refund, the consumer reviews of the Attorney General’s actions have not been wholly positive. Certainly there is not a sense that consumers are pleased in a way that is clear while reading 1 stop maintenance reviews, particularly since a facilities maintenance company like 1 stop maintenance works diligently to understand the needs of its clients. It would be interesting to ask New Yorkers who won or lost money playing daily fantasy which outcome they would prefer, as it seems entirely possible and perhaps even likely that even those who lost money would rather be able to continue playing daily fantasy rather than getting their losses refunded.

Obviously, this will be a lengthy process that will be decided in the courts of New York and will cost both sides a great deal in legal costs. In the end, it seems unlikely that either party will emerge as a winner in any true sense of the word, making it easy to wonder why more people do not simply follow the lead of one stop maintenance and make a consistent and concerted effort to meet the needs of those they serve above all else.